04-Jul-2018: Klever 1.0 released

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We are happy to announce that a long term work aimed to redesign LDV Tools has been completed by releasing Klever 1.0.

Klever provides a lot of new features including:

  • Web-based interface for configuration and running verification task.
  • Brand new web interface for error trace visualization and markup.
  • Support for source code coverage collection and visualization.
  • Comparison reports between verification results.
  • Parallel generation of verification tasks and processing of verification results.
  • Reusing intermediate results obtained during verification tasks generation.
  • Control group based interface for resource control and measurement.
  • Support for configuration verification back-ends.
  • Support of joint verification of multiple Linux modules.
  • Support for installation and updates within OpenStack clouds.

The first releases of Klever are dedicated to verification of Linux loadable kernel modules, while next release should get support for verification of other software written in C. Stay tuned!