LSB Infrastructure

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LSB Infrastructure Program is run by ISPRAS under a contract with the Linux Foundation. The project started in September 2006 and is targeted at long term partnership to advance LSB infrastructure quality and usability for supporting the rapidly growing LSB community.

The key ISPRAS areas in the project are:

  • LSB Infrastructure Tools – this is to develop and later on maintain and mature various infrastructure tools to support LSB development and promotion:
    • Central LSB Database & various data transformation scripts
    • LSB DB Navigator – LSB web portal with advanced navigation, queries, community collaboration mechanisms, developers’ feedback and contribution interface to promote information about LSB and surrounding ecosystem and also for making decisions and coordinating LSB workgroup.
    • Linux Distribution Checker – to automate Linux distribution testing and make it user friendly.
    • Linux Application Checker – to automate Linux application testing and make it user friendly.
    • LSB Certification System - to support and facilitate LSB certification process.
    • Problem Reporting System (this is a part of the certification system though quite independent).
    • Misc. auxiliary tools for automating investigation and analytical tasks.
  • Linux Testing:
    • Developing new LSB certification tests.
    • Analyzing fails found by the tests and collaborating with upstream to fix them.
  • Investigation and Analysis:
    • Various analytical work to find and fix various LSB related issues, perform data mining and prepare decision making materials.

See more details at the project Wiki.