Tests and Frameworks

Linux Verification Center has developed the following test suites which are now included in the LSB Certification Program:

  • The OLVER (Open Linux VERification) set of functional tests based on formal specifications for LSB Core functions
  • "Normal"-quality (medium-quality) tests for libraries from the GTK+ stack and for standard C++ runtime library. The tests developed using the T2C technology are aimed to check main functionality of these libraries.
  • AZOV tests (or Shallow tests) for Qt3, Qt4 and xml libraries. These tests allow to ensure that library functions do not crash and return correct values if called with correct parameters inside valid environment.

Another activity of the Center is development of tools that automate launching of different tests and checkers for various Linux components, aggregate results of these checkers and provide interface to analyze them. One of such tools is Linux Distribution Checker that is a framework for running and processing results of the LSB certification tests.