05-Mar-2017: 4-th International Conference on Tools and Methods of Program Analysis took place in Moscow

The 4th Tools & Methods of Program Analysis International Conference (TMPA 2017) organized in cooperation with ACM Sigsoft has taken place in Moscow, Russia. At the conference Pavel Andrianov and Ilja Zakharov gave talks representing Linux Driver Verification project.

Pavel Andrianov gave a talk about heavyweight extensions of lightweight method for detecting race conditions in Linux operating system. The first extension uses predicate abstractions for improving precision of the analysis. The configuration of the analysis allows to find trade-off between efficiency and precision. The second extension improves precision of thread analysis by detecting parts of the code which may be executed concurrently.

Ilja Zakharov gave a talk toward High-Performance Computing for Software Verification. In the talk, Ilja considered features and problems of static verification and model checking using distributed systems, cloud services, multi-core systems and GPUs.

More details about the conference including presentations and videos are available on the website of the conference (http://tmpaconf.org/).