13-May-2015: Version 0.8 of LDV Tools released

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LDV Tools 0.8 comes with the following improvements:

Results of validation of LDV Tools 0.8 and LDV Tools 0.7 with different verification tools on 41 known bugs in the Linux kernel are presented in the table below.

LDV Tools 0.8 LDV Tools 0.7
BLAST CPAchecker BLAST CPAchecker
Found bugs 19 18 19 15
Missed bugs Due to bugs in verification tools 3 2 3 2
Out of memory (63 gigabytes) 2 0 1 2
Timeouts (50 minutes) 0 5 0 6
Due to other reasons 17 16 18 16

The new version of CPAchecker was able to find three more reference bugs in Linux kernel thanks to improvements described here.

The source code repository can be browsed by v0.8 tag. To build LDV Tools from sources see build instructions. If you want to use prebuilt LDV Tools, please follow LDV Tools in Docker instructions.