13-Oct-2015: LDV project - the 200 bugs in Linux kernel fixed

The 200 bugs found by the Linux Driver Verification project have been fixed in the Linux kernel. 151 patches developed by members of the LDV team have found their way to the mainline kernel.

A complete list of the bugs can be found here. The statistics of bug fixes in various subsystems of the Linux kernel is presented by the cumulative total method on the plot below. The first bug was fixed in the 2.6.31 kernel released on 9 September, 2009. Fixes of the latest found bugs will be available in the 4.3 kernel which will be released soon.

In average from 2.6.31 till 4.3-rc1 for each version we have about 6 bug fixes. The rate of detection of new problems in the kernel increases, because LDV Tools developers increase efforts spent to analyze verification results for latest kernels, and also the number of new safety rules is growing. Note, that during the last two years LDV Tools found more bugs than LDV-Tools developers have time to analyze and report to kernel module developers.

The plot shows that the number of fixed bugs in different subsystems stays proportional. Leaps on the plot are caused by changing the set of rules and verification parameters.

Statistics of bug fixes in various kernel subsystems found by LDV project