16-Jan-2015: Version 0.7 of LDV Tools released

LDV Tools 0.7 comes with quite a lot improvements and bug fixes:

Results of validation of LDV Tools 0.7 and LDV Tools 0.6 with different verification tools on 41 known bugs in the Linux kernel are presented in the table below.

LDV Tools 0.7 LDV Tools 0.6
BLAST CPAchecker BLAST CPAchecker
Found bugs 19 15 17 13
Missed bugs Due to bugs in verification tools 3 2 3 2
Out of memory (63 gigabytes) 1 2 1 2
Timeouts (50 minutes) 0 6 0 6
Due to other reasons 18 16 20 18

Both BLAST and CPAchecker were able to find two more reference bugs in Linux kernel thanks to improvements in rule specifications sysfs_attr_init() call before device_create_file() call and usb_deregister()/usb_serial_deregister().

The source code repository can be browsed by v0.7 tag. To get and to install LDV Tools see instructions.