23-Apr-2018: CPAchecker-BAM-BnB and CPAchecker-BAM-Slicing at SV-COMP'2018

CPAchecker-BAM-BnB and CPAchecker-BAM-Slicing were presented at the 7th International Competition on Software Verification (SV-COMP) held at TACAS 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece. This year our submission CPAchecker-BAM-BnB has won Gold medal and CPAchecker-BAM-Slicing has won Bronze medal in Software Systems category.

Results of SV-COMP 2018 are available here: https://sv-comp.sosy-lab.org/2018/results/results-verified. The tables highlight the winners of the different categories, but one can also see how the different competition candidates behaved in the different sub-categories, and even on the particular tasks, which are sometimes quite diverse.

Special thanks to Dirk Beyer and Tomas Vojnar. Each year it takes a lot of effort to make the things work. Thanks to Dirk for regular qualification pre-runs that greatly helped with preparing the systems for the final evaluation stage. We also thank to the CPAchecker community for their contributions to the platform we are basing on.