23-Jun-2013: 3rd Linux Driver Verification Workshop took place in Moscow

3rd Linux Driver Verification workshop was held in Moscow, Russia at June, 19-21. The workshop was arranged by prof. Alexander Petrenko (Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS, Moscow, Russia) and prof. Dirk Beyer (University of Passau, Germany).

Philipp Wendler and Stefan Löwe from University of Passau gave talks on past, current and future works around [url=http://cpachecker.sosy-lab.org/]CPAchecker[/url] platform, that has won the international competition SV-COMP 2013. Andreas Stahlbauer presented his work on "Reusing Precisions for Efficient Regression Verification (and beyond)" and Peter Häring introduced "Distributing Verification Tasks with VerifierCloud".

Linux Verification Center team considered different aspects of using static analysis tools for checking Linux kernel drivers. Mikhail Mandrykin presented a pointer analysis prototype in CPAchecker. Vadim Mutilin reported about experiments with CPAchecker on different configurations in application to Linux device drivers and gave a talk "Light-Weight Data Race Detection". Evgeny Novikov took a look from user perspective on verification tools.