25-Oct-2010: Linux Driver Verification - Results of Google Summer of Code 2010 merged

With the help of The Linux Foundation we took a part in Google Summer of Code 2010 with a projects titled "Linux Device Drivers Quality Inspector". A MIPT student Andrey Tretyakov mentored by Alexey Khoroshilov has developed an infrastructure to track changes in Linux Kernel's Git repository and to invoke LDV tools only for device drivers that has been changed since the previous check.

We are glad to announce that the code developed during the project was merged into the master (trunk) branch of our repository, and it is now integrated with the rest of our toolset. You can find this code in revision 51e0ca2, or browse the repository. The component is now named "LDV-Git", and the code is now maintained by the LDV team.
We would like to thank Google, The Linux Foundation and Andrey for their efforts and support.