Online Linux Driver Verification Service (alpha)

Start Verification
on x86_64 architecture

Upload driver and wait for results

Uploading new drivers for verification is currently closed for long-term maintenance.
Contact us if you need to verify a driver and do not want to install LDV tools locally.

Ensure that drivers satisfy the following requirements:

  • You may upload either a kernel patch that contains your driver or a separate archive with driver source code
  • If you upload a separate archive:
    • Driver should be packaged with gzip or bzip2 and have one of the following extensions: .tar.bz2, tar.gz, .tgz
    • Archive should contain:
    • o Makefile (written to be compiled against the kernel)
      + obj-m is mandatory
      o Source code files referenced by Makefile
    • Archive should not contain any files generated by build process (such as object files)
  • If you upload a kernel patch file:
    • File should be a patch in a plain text format, or an archive with plain text patches
    • If you upload an archive, it should contain only plain text patches; its format should be gzip or bzip2, and it should have one of the following extensions: .tar.bz2, tar.gz, .tgz
    • The patch should insert a line that changes obj-m