30-Dec-2009: OLVER Core 1.5

OLVER Core 1.5 release has been published with improvements in test reports and testing quality (see detailed release notes below).

Please use the usual links for browsing OLVER project results:

  • a requirements catalog for all 1532 generic functions of the LSB Core 3.1;
  • formal specifications in normal quality for 1450 functions of the LSB Core 3.1;
  • formal specifications in minimal quality for 80 functions of the LSB Core 3.1;
  • reports on the possible issues found by the Center in the text of LSB 3.1 and POSIX standards;
  • demo examples of the tests for math.integer group of functions with annotated examples that allow understanding the technologies used and the architecture of the OLVER test suite;
  • The full OLVER Core test suite release including source code and documentation.

We welcome everybody to check the results and comment. We will provide free of charge support for everybody using our results in non-commercial purposes.

OLVER 1.5 Release Notes

  1. Many improvements in test reports made, report generation process essentially revised.
  2. Testing of mathematical functions with extended floating point arguments implemented for powerpc64 and s390x architectures.
  3. More subsystems implemented in good testing quality:
    • fs.ftw;
    • fs.name;
    • io.fstream.fstream;
    • locale.messages;
    • locale.textdomain;
    • socket.netdb;
    • system.user.account;
    • time.clock;
    • time.time;
    • time.timer;
    • util.assert;
    • util.conversion.strreal;
    • util.format.printf;
    • util.format.scanf;
    • util.format.time;
  4. Many bugs in the test suite, infrastructure and requirements catalogue fixed.
  5. New bugs in LSB and Linux distributions detected, investigated, described at the linuxtesting.org site and reported to the appropriate bodies.