Problems in Linux

This section contains information about inconsistencies of various Linux upstream components (mainly libraries) with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) standard. Other errors and improvement proposals are also reported.

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No.TypeBriefAdded onAcceptedStatus
S0578 Inconsistency fchmodat(..., AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW) returns ENOTSUP on non-symlinks 2014-08-09 Sourceware Bugzilla 14578
S0849 Inconsistency pthread_mutexattr_gettype() always returns 512 2013-11-24 NEW
S0803 Contradiction getdate() breaks requirement getdate.13 2013-08-07 Red Hat Bugzilla, 15346 Fixed in glibc.git.
S0791 Crash Regression in hsearch_r(): Segmentation fault over internal invariant violation 2009-04-23 Red Hat Bugzilla, 10100 Fixed in glibc-2.10
S0790 Crash Regression in hsearch_r(): Segmentation fault over too small table size 2009-04-23 Fixed in glibc-2.10
S0684 Inconsistency Error in psignal(int sig, const char * s) if s is an empty string 2008-08-20 Red Hat Bugzilla, 9823 Fixed in glibc-2.10
S0501 Inconsistency The pthread_mutex_trylock() function returns EDEADLK instead of EBUSY 2008-08-18 Fixed in glibc 2.6
S0558 Inconsistency Call to timer_create() with clock_id received from clock_getcpuclockid() cause an error EINVAL 2008-08-15 Fixed in glibc 2.4
S0167 Inconsistency ulimit(UL_SETFSIZE) does not return the integer part of the new file size limit divided by 512 2007-11-26 Red Hat Bugzilla, 6947 Fixed in glibc-2.9
S0520_1 Inconsistency Incorrect processing of some conversion specifications by getdate() and strptime() functions 2007-11-15 Red Hat Bugzilla, 5451 Fixed in glibc-2.8
S0028 Crash Implementation of the insque() function does not satisfy POSIX. 2007-06-08 Red Hat Bugzilla, 2766 Fixed in glibc-2.5