Problems in Linux

This section contains information about inconsistencies of various Linux upstream components (mainly libraries) with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) standard. Other errors and improvement proposals are also reported.

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No.TypeBriefAdded onAcceptedStatus
S0788 Inconsistency atk_object_add_relationship does not add relationship that already exists but returns TRUE 2009-04-10 Gnome Bugzilla 578602 Fixed in gtk-atk 2.5.4
S0596 Inconsistency Type of "accesible-value" property of an AtkObject doesn't conform to AtkValue interface 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 504042
S0579 Inconsistency atk_add_global_event_listener, atk_add_key_event_listener return incorrect value in case of error 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 480126 Fixed in ATK 1.25.2 for GNOME 2.25.2.
S0577 Proposal AtkImplementor is registered with the name "AtkImplementorIface" 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 478623
S0574 Inconsistency atk_state_set_or_sets returns an empty set rather than NULL 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 478595 Fixed in ATK 1.25.2 for GNOME 2.25.2.
S0573 Inconsistency atk_relation_set_add always adds relation to the set 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 478583 Fixed in ATK 1.25.2 for GNOME 2.25.2.
S0572 Inconsistency Incorrect registration of the "start-index" property for AtkHyperlink 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 477763 Fixed in ATK 1.21.5 for GNOME 2.21.5.
S0571 Proposal Memory leak when the "target" property value is set for an AtkRelation instance 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 478620 Fixed in ATK 1.25.2 for GNOME 2.25.2
S0569 Inconsistency "accessible-role" - invalid default value 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 478587
S0568 Inconsistency atk_object_remove_relationship can remove more relationships than it should 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 477708 Fixed in ATK 1.25.2 for GNOME 2.25.2
S0567 Inconsistency atk_object_connect_property_change_handler: guint instead of gulong 2007-09-06 Gnome Bugzilla 477705