Problems in Linux

This section contains information about inconsistencies of various Linux upstream components (mainly libraries) with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) standard. Other errors and improvement proposals are also reported.

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No.TypeBriefAdded onAcceptedStatus
D0078 Inconsistency The G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_TYPE() macro does not emit a warning if a class structure is not of the expected type 2008-03-27 Gnome Bugzilla 526103
D0071 Proposal Dynamic parent class is not finalized during g_type_class_unref() call 2008-02-28 Gnome Bugzilla 520094
D0070 Misprint Misprint in the definition of the macro G_CCLOSURE_SWAP_DATA 2007-12-24 Gnome Bugzilla 505674 Fixed in gtk-gobject - 2.15.1