Problems in Linux

This section contains information about inconsistencies of various Linux upstream components (mainly libraries) with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) standard. Other errors and improvement proposals are also reported.

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No.TypeBriefAdded onAcceptedStatus
S0781 Inconsistency locale(const char* std_name) can create invalid facets for nonuniform locale 2009-05-15 GCC Bugzilla 40184 Fixed in CVS
S0744 Inconsistency locale::name confuses locale names for LC_TIME and LC_COLLATE categories 2009-02-17 Fixed in gcc-4.2
S0742 Crash locale(locale const&, char const*, locale::category) creates broken locale 2009-02-17 GCC Bugzilla 40712 Fixed in gcc-4.5.0
S0738 Inconsistency Incorrect interpritation of value CHAR_MAX inside grouping string in monetary and numeric facets 2009-02-10 GCC Bugzilla 39168 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0770 Inconsistency Behaviour of basic_string::compare may not comply with ISO/IEC 14882 on IA64 systems 2009-01-21
S0741 Inconsistency money_get<> reads decimal point when frac_digits return nonpositive value 2008-12-05 GCC Bugzilla 38399 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0743 Inconsistency locale(const char* std_name) may create locale with broken facets 2008-12-04 GCC Bugzilla 38368 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0745 Inconsistency Locale, constructed from named and unnamed locales, become named 2008-12-02 GCC Bugzilla 38365 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0740 Inconsistency ::operator new() returns misaligned pointer on PPC32 and S390 2008-11-20
S0736 Inconsistency Wrong behaviour of num_get<>::do_get(bool) in the case when one target sequence is a prefix of the other one 2008-10-29 GCC Bugzilla 37957 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0735 Inconsistency num_get<>::do_get(bool) sets eofbit flag incorrectly when boolalpha == true 2008-10-29 GCC Bugzilla 37958 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0730 Proposal messages::do_get always returns an empty string 2008-10-28 GCC Bugzilla 13631
S0711 Inconsistency num_put<>::do_put(bool) performs 'internal' padding incorrectly when boolalpha==true 2008-10-28 GCC Bugzilla 38196 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0694 Inconsistency time_get<>::do_get_weekday does not always recognize full names of weekdays; similar problem with time_get<>::do_get_monthname too 2008-10-28 GCC Bugzilla 38081 Fixed in gcc-4.5.0
S0677 Inconsistency num_put<>::do_put(void*) performs padding incorrectly when adjustfield==internal 2008-10-28 GCC Bugzilla 38210 Fixed in gcc-4.4.0
S0675 Inconsistency codecvt::do_in/do_out functions return "ok" when the output sequence has zero length 2008-09-10 GCC Bugzilla 37475
S0672 Inconsistency std::uncaught_exception() returns wrong value after entering terminate() in some cases 2008-09-10 GCC Bugzilla 37477