Issue of the Standard # S0221


Error code of EACCES for the ftw() function.

Detailed Description

The description of the function nftw() says that the function has a similar effect to ftw(). The ‘ERRORS’ section states for [EACCESS] that this error shall occur when the function fn() passed as parameter of nftw() returns -1 and does not reset ‘errno’. However, the description of [EACCESS] for the ftw() function does not describe such cause of the error. Is it the difference between ftw() and nftw() behavior or shall [EACCESS] also occur for the ftw() function in above case?

Problem location(s) in the standard

The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6 IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition, System Interfaces, the description of the <nobr>ftw()</nobr> function.