Issue of the Standard # S0264


Incomplete description of the error condition for the inflate() function.

Detailed Description

The ‘Flush Operation’ section of the description of the inflate() function states that the function returns Z_BUF_ERROR in case of insufficient output space ("If flush is set to Z_FINISH, all of the compressed input shall be decompressed and added to the output. If there is insufficient output space (i.e. the compressed input data uncompresses to more than avail_out bytes), then inflate() shall fail and return Z_BUF_ERROR."). But the ‘Errors’ section does not describe this case for the Z_BUF_ERROR: “No progress is possible; either avail_in or avail_out was zero.”

Problem location(s) in the standard

Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.1, Chapter 14. Utility Libraries, 14.4. Interface Definitions for libz, the description of the <nobr>inflate()</nobr> function.