Issue of the Implementation # S0615


gdk_pixdata_to_csource does not always add a macro for rle stream decoding to the code

Detailed Description

When gdk_pixdata_to_csource is called with both GDK_PIXDATA_DUMP_RLE_DECODER and GDK_PIXDATA_DUMP_PIXDATA_STREAM flags set, the *_RUN_LENGTH_DECODE macro is missing from the generated C code ("*" is the value of "name" parameter, e.g. "MY_IMAGE")

If GDK_PIXDATA_DUMP_RLE_DECODER flag is used with GDK_PIXDATA_DUMP_PIXDATA_STRUCT or GDK_PIXDATA_DUMP_MACROS flags (defining other forms of C source to be generated), *_RUN_LENGTH_DECODE macro is successfully generated.

But description of the GDK_PIXDATA_DUMP_RLE_DECODER flag states that *_RUN_LENGTH_DECODE macro have to be generated if the flag is set regardless of values of other flags.

Problem location(s) in the standard

Gdk-pixbuf 2.6.2 API Reference, Inline data


gtk-gdk-pixbuf 2.6.2 or later


Gnome Bugzilla 516401


interface deprecated in gtk-gdk-pixbuf 2.31