Issue of the Standard # S0623


Ambiguity of requirements to the poll() function in the LSB 3.2

Detailed Description

The LSB standard states that the poll function should behave as defined in the POSIX. But the POSIX standard requires that <poll.h> header shall define four macroses, which are absent in the LSB. These macroses are:

All of these macroses according to POSIX can be passed to the poll function. As a result it is not clear: either these macroses are not permitted in LSB applications or there is an incompleteness of the standard.

In the first case a description of poll, which defines differencies between LSB standard requirements and POSIX requirements, should be added to the LSB. In the second case it is necessary to add appropriate macroses to the standard.

Problem location(s) in the standard

Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.2, Chapter 13. Base Libraries, 13.4. Data Definitions for libc.


LSB Bugzilla, 1979


Fixed in LSB 3.2 Update 1