Issue of the Implementation # V0016


FT_Get_PS_Font_Private returns wrong unique_id values

Detailed Description

The FreeType2 API reference states that FT_Get_PS_Font_Private function retrieves the PS_PrivateRec structure corresponding to a given Postscript font. Particularly, if the Postscript font has unique ID, it should be returned in the 'unique_id' field of the 'PS_PrivateRec' structure.

Unique IDs of the 'n019023l.pfb' and 'n021003l.pfb' fonts from the attached example are 5020908 and 5020931, respectively (see the "/UniqueID" records in these font files).

FT_Get_PS_Font_Private, however, returns different unique ID values for these fonts.

Problem location(s) in the standard

Linux Standard Base Desktop Specification 3.2, Chapter 12. Libraries, 12.1 Interfaces for libfreetype that refers FreeType-2.1.10 API Reference, section "Type 1 Tables"


  1. Unpack the attached archive
  2. Build the sample C program contained in it
  3. Run the program with font file name and the correct unique ID as its arguments:
    ./Example_FT_Get_PS_Font_Private n021003l.pfb 5020931
    ./Example_FT_Get_PS_Font_Private n019023l.pfb 5020908


freetype 2.1.10 or later


freetype-devel mailing list, #17, 2009.01


Fixed in freetype 2.3.8