Problems in Standards

This section contains remarks on the text versions of Linux standards. All the issues reported here have been found during requirements formalization in the OLVER and LSB Infrastructure projects. We have defined the following life cycle for each potential issue.

  • Initial problem detection during standard formalization.
  • Problem formulation and registration in the internal problem tracking system.
  • Periodical collective analysis of the validity and importance of registered problems.
  • Reporting all approved issues to the appropriate standard bodies.
  • Standard bodies decide whether to incorporate any changes in the standards or not.

Click on a problem number for detailed description. Click on a column header to change the sorting order.

No. Type Brief Added on Accepted Status
D0141 Misprint Misprint in returned type of gtk_window_get_icon_name() 2009-10-02 Gnome Bugzilla, 597100 Fixed in GTK+ 2.18.x
D0142 Inconsistency The properties 'default-height' and 'default-width' in the GtkWindow Section doesn't behave correctly 2009-11-18 Gnome Bugzilla, 602298