Linux Application Checker

Linux Application Checker (AppChecker) is a tool for testing Linux applications for compatibility with different distributions and for LSB compliance.

The main aim of the tool is helping developer to write portable applications. Different Linux distributions provide different sets of libraries and interfaces, and the large number of distributions makes it very hard to achieve compatibility with them all. Linux AppChecker automates analysing application dependencies from external libraries and interfaces and comparing them with the libraries and interfaces present in the most popular distributions. Thus, developer can easily determine which distributions will be able to run the applications, and which components need to be included into the application package for improving cross-distribution compatibility.

Here is the more detailed list of AppChecker functions:

  1. Web interface based on a built-in web server for visually managing the testing process.
  2. Command line interface, which can be used for automated nightly test runs.
  3. Support of ELF executable files, SO libraries, ability to test packages in TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, RPM, DEB formats, as well as packages installed into the operating system.
  4. Analysis of compatibility of the application with the common Linux distributions.
  5. Detailed information about all the external dependencies of the application as a whole and of its separate components.
  6. Taking into account internal dependencies between the application components themselves and excluding them from the list of external depencencies.
  7. Providing links to the LSB Navigator pages containing technical information on the functions, libraries, distributions.
  8. Checking for LSB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0 compliance.
  9. Generating human-readable report in HTML format with possibility of grouping the messages by the application components and by the problem category.
  10. Integration with the Certification System for sending the reports and requesting LSB certification.
  11. Managing previous test run results.

The latest version of the tool can be downloaded from the project's page. There is also a Getting Started document that describes the most common scenario of work with AppChecker.