Distribution Checker

Distribution Checker (DistChecker) is a framework for running and processing results of the LSB tests that check a distribution for LSB compliance.

Distribution Checker allows to unify the use of all the test suites included into the official set of LSB tests, despite their differences in environment requires, running procedures, report formats. Also this tool provides integration with the Certification System and simplifies the process of certifying the distribution.

The list of DistChecker features contains:

  1. Web interface based on a built-in web server for visually managing the testing process.
  2. Command line interface, which can be used for automated nightly test runs.
  3. Support for LSB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0 standards.
  4. Selecting separate test suites for execution.
  5. Automatic downloading from the Internet and installing missing test packages.
  6. Fine tuning of test suites: selection of the package version, managing download and reinstallation behaviour, customising test-specific options.
  7. Generating human-readable report in HTML format.
  8. Side-by-side comparison of 2 or more test results.
  9. 'One-button' tests execution.
  10. Integration with the LSB Certification System for sending the reports and requesting LSB certification.
  11. Managing previous test run results.

The latest version of the tool can be downloaded from the LSB Downloads page. There is also a Getting Started document that describes the most common scenario of work with DistChecker.