Issue of the Standard # D0008


The documentation for the interfaces "g_io_channel_read_unichar" and "g_io_channel_write_unichar" does not describe their functionality

Detailed Description

The description for the interfaces "g_io_channel_read_unichar" and "g_io_channel_write_unichar" consists of the only sentence: "This function cannot be called on a channel with NULL encoding". This is a constraint but is not a description of functionality.

Problem location(s) in the standard

Linux Standard Base Desktop Specification 3.1, Chapter 12. Libraries, 12.2 Interfaces for libglib-2.0;

Possible solutions

It is proposed to add function description like "Reads a unicode character from GIOChannel" and "Writes a unicode character to GIOChannel".


Gnome Bugzilla 491975


Fixed in gtk-glib - 2.15.0