Issue of the Standard # D0080


Misprint in the description of the parameter 'iface_data' for the callback types GInterfaceInitFunc and GInterfaceFinalizeFunc

Detailed Description

Documentation for the parameter of the GInterfaceInitFunc and GInterfaceFinalizeFunc callbacks states:

  iface_data :  The class_data supplied via the GTypeInfo structure.
although the value of this parameter is supplied via 'interface_data' field of the GInterfaceInfo structure.

Problem location(s) in the standard

Linux Standard Base Desktop Specification 3.1, Chapter 12. Libraries, 12.5.1 glib-2.0/glib-object.h;;

Possible solutions

Modify the description of the parameter to:

  iface_data :  The interface_data supplied via the GInterfaceInfo structure.


Gnome Bugzilla 528716


Fixed in glib 2.18