Issue of the Standard # D0145


Contradiction in the description of function gtk_container_set_border_width() and property 'border-width'

Detailed Description

It is written in the description of the function gtk_container_set_border_width() that valid values for the second argument of the function are in the range 0-65535, but in the description of the property 'border-width' is written that allowed values are <= G_MAXINT. And indeed we can't set to the property 'border-width' value bigger than 65535, it'll be truncated to 16 bit value

Problem location(s) in the standard

LSB that refers

Possible solutions

Change in the description of the property 'border-width' '<= G_MAXINT' on '<= 65535'


Gnome Bugzilla, 605199


Fixed in GTK+ 2.90