Issue of the Standard # S0647


Some features of interfaces for set and get buffer size in QSocketDevice class are not described in the documentation

Detailed Description

According to the standard size of send buffer of QSocketDevice can be set with QSocketDevice::setSendBufferSize(unsigned int) and can be got with QSocketDevice::sendBufferSize() const. But QSocketDevice::sendBufferSize() returns doubled value that was set with QSocketDevice::setSendBufferSize(unsigned int).

The same problem is actual for size of receive buffer of QSocketDevice, which can be set with QSocketDevice::setReceiveBufferSize(unsigned int) and can be got with QSocketDevice::receiveBufferSize() const.

On Linux these functions are implemented through the kernel function setsockopt() that doubles the input buffer size. And this doubled value is returned by getsockopt(). So this feature should be described in the documentation.

Problem location(s) in the standard

Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.1, Chapter 13. Base Libraries, 13.5. that refers Qt 3.3.6 Reference Manual


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