5th Linux Driver Verification Workshop 2015

5th Linux Driver Verification Workshop dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Linux Verification Center of ISPRAS will be held in Moscow, Russia on September 15-18. The workshop was arranged by prof. Alexander Petrenko (Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS, Moscow, Russia) and prof. Dirk Beyer (University of Passau, Germany).

The workshop provides an opportunity to share experience and to establish collaboration between different projects in the domain.

The preliminary program of the workshop is as follows:

09:00 - 15:30 1st day

Alexey Khoroshilov, Alexander Petrenko
   Witness Validation and Stepwise Testification
Dirk Beyer
   CPAchecker in LDV
Vadim Mutilin
   Checking several aspects at once
Vitaly Mordan
   Multi-Property Verification Using Precision Control
Andreas Stahlbauer
   Finding Several Bugs at Once
Vitaly Mordan
   BAM: Problems and perspectives
Pavel Andrianov
   Theory-Independent Reuse of Abstraction Formulas: Towards Proof Reuse
Karlheinz Friedberger
   A Web-Interface for the CPAchecker Cloud
Sebastian Ott
   Checking memory safety
Anton Vasilyev
09:00 - 17:00 2nd day
   Investigating CPAchecker bottlenecks on Linux device drivers
Ilya Zakharov
   Directions for improvements of memory model in CPAchecker
Mikhail Mandrykin
   First Experiments with Complex Specifications
Vitaly Mordan
   K-Induction in CPAchecker
Dirk Beyer