Problems in Linux

This section contains information about inconsistencies of various Linux upstream components (mainly libraries) with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) standard. Other errors and improvement proposals are also reported.

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No.TypeBriefAdded onAcceptedStatus
S0607 Crash The FcDirScan function crashes with segmentation fault 2007-09-14 Fixed in fontconfig 2.4.2
S0606 Inconsistency The FcDirScan function doesn't add fonts from some font directories 2007-09-14 Bugzilla 12950
S0605 Inconsistency The FcFileScan function doesn't add fonts from some font files 2007-09-14 Bugzilla 12949
S0604 Inconsistency FcFreeTypeQuery returns the null pointer 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12993
S0601 Crash Crash FcPatternAdd after adding several user properties 2007-09-12 Fixed in fontconfig 2.4
S0600 Inconsistency The function FcConfigSetCurrent does not make the current configuration default 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12992
S0598 Inconsistency The function FcConfigGetCache returns a null pointer 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12991
S0597 Inconsistency The function FcStrSetAddFilename contradicts its documentation 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12965 Fixed in fontconfig 2.5.0
S0595 Inconsistency The FcStrCopyFilename function contradicts its documentation 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12964 Fixed in fontconfig 2.5.0
S0592 Inconsistency Unexpected behaviour of FcFontSort 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 13162 Fixed in fontconfig 2.5.0
S0591 Inconsistency The function FcConfigUptoDate returns FcTrue, though it should return FcFalse 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12948 Fixed in fontconfig 2.5.0
S0590 Inconsistency Incorrect return value of FcAtomicLock 2007-09-12 Bugzilla 12947 Fixed in fontconfig 2.5.0