VES Workshop 2013 Call for Papers

The International Workshop on Verification of Embedded Systems (VES-2013) aims to bring together researches developing and using formal methods in embedded system design. VES 2013 will be a CAV 2013 Workshop and held on July 13th and 14th, 2013.
The workshop will provide forum for interactions of embedded system designers and verifiers on the basis of formal methods for both practical and theoretical perspectives.

Main topics are considered in verification aspect:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design methodology
  • Debugging, Testing & Verification
  • Specification, Modeling, Simulation
  • Programming languages & Tools
  • Real-time & Performance
  • Safety & Security
  • Modular controller design
  • Software synthesis for embedded systems
  • Embedded systems life-cycle management
  • Case studies and industrial applications
  • Standards for embedded systems design

The topics of the workshop focus on problems of the balanced and adequate integration of validation and verification on the basis of matching formal methods in embedded systems and other safety critical computer intensive systems design and production. We also solicit industrial experience papers and presentations on the use of formal methods in industrial environments and analysis of results obtained.

Yuri G. Karpov, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Alexander K. Petrenko, Institute for System Programming Russian Academy of Sciences

Igor S. Anureev (IIS SB RAS, Russia)
Carsten Emde (OSADL, Germany)
Vladimir M. Itsykson (SPbSPU, Russia)
Yuri G. Karpov (SPbSPU, Russia) Co-Chair
Alexey V. Khoroshilov (ISPRAS, Russia)
Andrey V. Klimov (KIAM RAS, Russia)
Vsevolod P. Kotlyarov (SPbSPU, Russia)
Victor V. Kuliamin (ISPRAS, Russia)
Wolfgang Küchlin (University of Tubingen, Germany)
Alexander Al. Letichevsky (GIC NAS, Ukraine)
Irina A. Lomazova (HSE, Russia)
Nicholas Mc Guire (OSADL, Austria)
Vadim S. Mutilin (ISPRAS, Russia)
Valery A. Nepomniaschy (IIS SB RAS, Russia)
Alexander K. Petrenko (ISPRAS, Russia) Co-Chair
Alexandra A. Savelieva (HSE, Russia)
Irina V. Shoshmina (SPbSPU, Russia) Secretary
Dmitry Yu. Volkanov (MSU, Russia)
Vladimir A. Zakharov (MSU, Russia)

Regular and industrial experience papers (max. 15 pages) and tool papers (max. 8 pages) presentation of recently published papers on verification for embedded systems is acceptable. Presentations of work-in-progress and relevant are accepted. Industrial presentations may be submitted as annotations only.
Regular and tool papers accepted for presentation at the workshop will appear in the EasyChair Proceedings in Computing (EPiC) series; they must be prepared using the EasyChair class style and submitted as PDF files without page numbers by 14th April. Paper submission is now open at
Submission accepted for presentation must be presented at the workshop by at least one of the authors.
If the Workshop will attract sufficiently many high quality papers, a special issue of a journal on the topic of the workshop will be considered.

The selected workshop proceedings is planned to be published as the volume of “Scientific and Technical Bulletin of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University” and distributed at the Workshop.

March 20th, 2013: Visa invitation letters through CAV deadline
April 2nd, 2013: Abstract submission deadline
April 21th, 2013: Paper submission deadline (new!)
May 16th, 2013: Acceptance notification
June 3rd, 2013: Camera ready version
July 13th and 14th, 2013: Workshop

Yuri G. Karpov
Alexander K. Petrenko
Irina V. Shoshmina