Problems in Standards

This section contains remarks on the text versions of Linux standards. All the issues reported here have been found during requirements formalization in the OLVER and LSB Infrastructure projects. We have defined the following life cycle for each potential issue.

  • Initial problem detection during standard formalization.
  • Problem formulation and registration in the internal problem tracking system.
  • Periodical collective analysis of the validity and importance of registered problems.
  • Reporting all approved issues to the appropriate standard bodies.
  • Standard bodies decide whether to incorporate any changes in the standards or not.

Click on a problem number for detailed description. Click on a column header to change the sorting order.

No. Type Brief Added on Accepted Status
S0561 Inconsistency Positive tm_isdst field for %z processing in strftime() 2010-04-15 LSB Bug#3774 reported
S0807 Inadequacy LSB sysconf specification is not safe relative to POSIX update 2009-07-29 LSB Bugzilla, 2701
S0737 Misprint Misprint in the description of the interface strerror_r 2008-10-17 LSB Bugzilla, 2360 Fixed in LSB 3.2 Update 2
S0687 Inadequacy Incorrect description of tgetflag return value 2008-08-20
S0686 Inadequacy Incorrect description of tgetnum return value 2008-08-20
S0685 Inadequacy Incorrect description of strsignal(int sig) if sig is an unknown signal number 2008-08-20 LSB Bugzilla, 2540 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0680 Incompleteness Incomplete set of MM_* constants for fmtmsg() at the LSB 2008-05-20 LSB Bugzilla, 2124 Fixed in LSB 3.2 Update 2
S0544 Crash After compiling with lsbcc on IA64 or s390x architecture code with timer_create() call, timer_getoverrun(), timer_delete(), timer_settime(), timer_gettime() functions crashe 2007-12-06 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0524 Inadequacy The scanw() functions do not return OK upon successful completion 2007-12-04 LSB Bugzilla, 2350 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0102 Inadequacy setreuid/setregid may change saved set-user/group-ID 2007-11-16
S0620 Inadequacy Incorrect definition of the constant HUGE_VALL on ppc32, ppc64, s390, and s390x 2007-11-02 LSB Bugzilla, 1760 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0623 Contradiction Ambiguity of requirements to the poll() function in the LSB 3.2 2007-10-30 LSB Bugzilla, 1979 Fixed in LSB 3.2 Update 1
D0060 Inadequacy Implementation of the interface "g_cache_value_foreach" does not conform to the LSB 3.1 2007-09-27 LSB Bugzilla, 1723 Fixed in LSB 4.0
D0059 Inadequacy LSB incorrectly describes usage of the NULL value of the "group_name" parameter of the "Key-value file parser" interfaces 2007-09-24 LSB Bugzilla, 1722 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0504 Inaccuracy Function sched_setscheduler() always returns 0, but not the former scheduling policy 2007-06-13 LSB Bugzilla, 1661 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0498 Crash sigandset, sigorset and sigisemptyset functions crash if one of the parameters is NULL 2007-06-13 LSB Bugzilla, 1663 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0311 Inaccuracy inchnstr() family of functions writes n+1 symbols in the supplied array 2007-05-23 LSB Bugzilla, 1644
S0525 Contradiction getgrouplist() updates ngroups incorrectly if there was not sufficient room to copy all the supplementary group identifiers 2007-05-23 LSB Bugzilla, 1639 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0177 Contradiction getgrouplist() returns 1, if user does not refer to a valid user on the system 2007-05-23 LSB Bugzilla, 1640 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0319 Contradiction The ripoffline() call above five calls limit returns -1 2007-05-23 LSB Bugzilla, 1632 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0313 Inadequacy mvcur() of ncurses does not follow the SuSv2 specification 2007-05-23 LSB Bugzilla, 1642 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0357 Contradiction Enabling or disabling meta characters does not influence the behaviour of keyname() function 2007-05-23 LSB Bugzilla, 1604
S0534 Inaccuracy Improper references to standards for some of Math’s functions. 2006-12-26 LSB Bugzilla, 1538 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0275 Misprint Misprint in the description of the gzwrite() function. 2006-10-26 LSB Bugzilla, 1530 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0447 Misprint Misprint in description of the bind_textdomain_codeset() function. 2006-10-16 LSB Bugzilla, 1533 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0409 Misprint Misprint in the description of the svc_sendreply() function. 2006-10-12 LSB Bugzilla, 1531 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0407 Inaccuracy The svcudp_bufcreate() function is not defined anywhere. 2006-10-12 LSB Bugzilla, 1541 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0408 Misprint Misprint in the description of the svctcp_create() function. 2006-10-11 LSB Bugzilla, 1532 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0384 Inaccuracy Different types of the ‘protocol’ parameter in pmap_getport() and pmap_set() functions 2006-10-11 LSB Bugzilla, 1542
S0264 Inaccuracy Incomplete description of the error condition for the inflate() function. 2006-10-09
S0269 Inaccuracy No errors are defined in the description of the gzopen() and gzdopen() functions. 2006-10-06
S0267 Inaccuracy Z_BLOCK is not defined anywhere. 2006-10-06 LSB Bugzilla, 1518 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0369 Inaccuracy The xdr_destroy() is absent in LSB 3.1 2006-09-28 LSB Bugzilla, 1546 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0355 Inaccuracy Functions from XDR are not defined in any header described in LSB 2006-09-21 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0449 Inaccuracy Possible misprint in the declaration of wchar_t. 2006-09-13 LSB Bugzilla, 1512 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0293 Contradiction The *inchstr, *inchnstr and *instr functions do not return OK. 2006-07-14 LSB Bugzilla, 1481 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0359 Contradiction atexit() in the LSB Software Development Kit (SDK). 2006-07-07 LSB Bugzilla, 1431 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0207 Inaccuracy Implementation of the basename() function in does not satisfy LSB 3.1. 2006-07-07 LSB Bugzilla, 1430 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0398 Contradiction Inconsistency in constant definitions for mutex types in LSB 3.1 и в glibc-2.3.4. 2006-07-07 LSB Bugzilla, 1432 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0162 Inaccuracy The RUSAGE_BOTH is not defined anywhere. 2006-06-13 LSB Bugzilla, 1437 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0270 Misprint Misprint in the description of the gzflush() function. 2006-06-06 LSB Bugzilla, 1436 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0277 Misprint Misprint in the description of the gztell() function. 2006-05-26 LSB Bugzilla, 1399 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0261 Contradiction Contradiction in the description of inflate() function. 2006-05-25 LSB Bugzilla, 1398 Fixed in LSB 3.1 Update 1
S0268 Misprint Misprint in the descriptions of gzopen() and gzdopen() functions 2006-05-18 LSB Bugzilla, 1380 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0245 Contradiction Wrong name of macro in the descriptions of compress() and compress2() functions 2006-05-18 LSB Bugzilla, 1379 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0295 Misprint Misprint in the description of the __libc_start_main() function 2006-05-17 LSB Bugzilla, 1375 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0148 Inaccuracy Lack of details in requirements to newlocale() function 2006-05-16 LSB Bugzilla, 1366 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0263 Misprint Misprint in the description of inflateSync() function 2006-05-16 LSB Bugzilla, 1367 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0205 Contradiction Declaration of __strdup() funnction is absent in string.h of LSB Software Development Kit (SDK) 2006-05-16 LSB Bugzilla, 1374 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0204 Contradiction LSB Software Development Kit (SDK) does not satisfy the POSIX requirements 2006-05-15 LSB Bugzilla, 1373 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0252 Inaccuracy Standard refers to endutent() function that should be defined in SUSv2, but this definition is absent in both SUSv2 and SUSv3 2006-05-05 LSB Bugzilla, 1361 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0231 Inaccuracy Remark to descriptions of getopt_long() and getopt_long_only() functions 2006-05-05 LSB Bugzilla, 1352 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0260 Misprint Misprint in the description of the inflateSyncPoint() function 2006-05-04 LSB Bugzilla, 1347 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0262 Inaccuracy The flag DEF_WBITS is not defined anywhere 2006-05-04 LSB Bugzilla, 1353 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0153 Inaccuracy The flags, that are defined in glob.h, are not described anywhere. 2006-05-03 LSB Bugzilla, 1351
S0146 Misprint Misprint in the description of the sethostname() function 2006-05-03 LSB Bugzilla, 1350 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0117 Incompleteness The flag __WRDE_FLAGS is not described 2006-05-03 LSB Bugzilla, 1346 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0273 Misprint Misprint in description of the gzread() function 2006-04-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1338 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0289 Misprint Variables are declared as functions in curses.h in LSB 3.1 2006-04-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1337 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0210 Inaccuracy Possibly incomplete list of errors in the description of flock() function 2006-04-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1334 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0009 Inaccuracy Lack of details in the requirements for __rawmemchr() function. 2006-04-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1333 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0136 Inaccuracy Names, which should be defined according to SUSv3, are not defined in LSB 3.1 2006-04-18 LSB Bugzilla, 1335 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0116 Inaccuracy Inconsistency between types of fields ‘we_wordc’ and ‘we_offs’ in type ‘wordexp_t’ in LSB 3.1 and SUSv3 2006-04-14 LSB Bugzilla, 1336 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0022 Inaccuracy Standard defines the first parameter of strnlen() function as 'string', but such definition reduces the applicability of the function. It looks valid to define the first parameter as 'array of char'. 2006-04-09 LSB Bugzilla, 1329 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0010 Inaccuracy Lack of details in the requirements for memmem() function. 2006-04-05 LSB Bugzilla, 1327 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0019 Inaccuracy No possible errors are defined for wcsdup() 2006-03-29 LSB Bugzilla, 1322 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0008 Inaccuracy Lack of details in requirements to __mempcpy() function. 2006-03-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1297 Fixed in LSB 4.0
S0007 Inaccuracy Type 'ptr_t' that is used in synopsis of functions __mempcpy(), __rawmemchr() is not defined anywhere 2006-03-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1295 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0026 Contradiction Contradiction between macro definitions of terminal speed in different sections of LSB 3.1 2006-03-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1294 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0158 Inaccuracy Standard refers to matherr() function that should be defined in C99, but this definition is absent in C99 2006-03-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1291 Fixed in LSB 3.2
S0011 Misprint Misprint in the synopsis of the __strdup() function. 2006-03-19 LSB Bugzilla, 1292 Fixed in LSB 3.2